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Experience the future of design with CREACOMPO®GLOBAL

CREACOMPO® has been the leading fashion CAD software in the Japanese market since its debut. The innovative fashion CAD software seamlessly integrates 2D and 3D pattern making capabilities, opening up a new realm of creativity.


Your design possibilities are limitless

The 2D/3D feature allows you to accurately represent 3D garment patterns from the original pattern base to adjust the balance, volume and detail of your design. You can select digital bodies, including models supplied by Alvanon, Inc.


US$ 2,400.00 /year for the integrated 2D/3D software

Annual subscription includes a full version of the 2D/3D fashion CAD software and English language training videos.With an accurate 3D simulation, you can check and confirm designs, reduce the number of physical samples and material costs, and shorten the design process.


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30-Day Trial now

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Used by global brands

  • GU
  • Theory
  • Wellsilk
  • MUJI
  • Parawin

Trial details

  • A full version of 2D/3D fashion CAD software
  • Access anytime, anywhere for 30 trial days
  • English training videos
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How to install the trial software on your PC

Please note CREACOMPO®GLOBAL is available with Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. For more information, please refer to the below.

PC system requirements

Windows® 10 Professional 64 Bit or
Windows® 11 Professional 64 Bit

  • CPU: Equal to or more than Intel Core® i5 2.0GHz
  • Memory: More than 8 GB
  • Hard Disk Drive: 20 GB or more space
  • Resolution: More than 900-pixel in the longitudinal direction

How to use the trial software

Basic Operation Videos

Designed to help new users understand how to get started.

Tutorial Videos

Detailed explanations of each menu show you how to use them effectively.

Please note: You need to purchase CREACOMPO®GLOBAL to use digital bodies supplied by Alvanon, Inc.

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30-Day Trial now
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